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About DURO Health

We deliver premium on site, occupational medicine shaped by patent, pending, protected injury, trending metrics, our unique, data driven approach to continuous improvement. In everything we do, we are dedicated to enhancing your employees quality of life, while reducing cost and increasing productivity.



Injuries can happen in training or the line of duty. DURO provides targeted, data-driven rehabilitation services to help elite service members regain strength and confidence.


Shipping & Logistics

Back injuries aren’t just painful and expensive: they are also often preventable. Our data can show you when injuries are likely to happen and why.



When injured workers have to wade through red tape and wait for treatment to be approved, costs, go up, results, go down, and nobody wins. Let’s change the equation.



First Responders

We understand the unique challenges that push first responders onto the disability rules. Our data-driven approach gives them a new lease on their careers.

The Numbers

We don’t just promise results. We deliver them. And we have the data to prove it.



Significant ROI: We secure over 40% ROI for a Single Special Ops four squadron with one part time rehab specialist during a 30-month period.

The Toll of Workplace Injury

Real Savings: The average 500-employee company incurs 1.36 million in costs related to musculoskeletal injuries annually. Based on past performance, DURO can reduce those costs by up to 70%, resulting in a 130% ROI or better. 


Faster Recovery

Rapid Recovery: Employees return to full duty status 80% more quickly on average with DURO.

Our Team

With over 18 years of experience in occupational medicine, orthopedics & college and professional athletics, Randy Ziobro has helped countless people from a wide range of physical labor professions return to full health. Randy’s extensive applied experience is grounded in a background of rigorous formal training, and he holds a master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Kentucky. Randy’s dedication to continual, data-driven improvement led him to develop DURO’s distinctive injury, prevention, injury, treatment, and Injury Trending Metrics Programs, which ensures that all DURO clients receive the most effective and rapidly deployed treatment possible – so that employees can heal, future injuries are minimized, and workplaces stay productive.

Randy is a native Lexington, Kentucky, and currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Randy Ziobro

President/CEO, DURO Health

Ron Hewett has over 40 years of leadership experience in the US Navy and the maritime industry. Ron, a graduate of the United States, Naval Academy, holds a master’s degree in Management Science from the Naval postgraduate school in Monterey California. Ron was the driving force behind Duro’s Rehabilitation Assessment and Accommodation Module (RAMM), and ISO-9000 complaint program that makes our rehabilitation specialist program adaptive to any logistical arrangement at any manufacturing facility. Juan was asked to present to the commander of the United States Naval safety center on the program’s benefits for naval civilian maintenance employees in 2010.

Ron is a native of Wilmington, North Carolina and currently resides in Sanford, North Carolina.

Ron Hewett

Executive Vice President, DURO Health

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