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Helping Servicemembers Stay Fit To Fight

When service members sustain musculoskeletal injuries, it can be hard to recover, and harder still to reintegrate with their units. We provide a unique suite of services for our military partners, designed to reduce the lag time between injury and treatment, and to address lingering barriers preventing service members from thriving during active duty and for the rest of their lives.

Shipping & Logistics

Back injuries aren’t just painful and expensive: they’re preventable.

Our data shows you when injuries are likely to happen and why. Are your overexertion injuries more common at certain times of the day? Is there a correlation between overtime and injury rates?

Our data doesn’t just help employees get back to work faster, it leaves them stronger and helps you prevent injuries in the first place.


Making Repetitive Stress Less Stressful

A third of all manufacturing injuries leading to lost work involve strains and sprains. A simple motion made the wrong way at the wrong time can cost you big and push a valued employee toward off the active list. That’s why our onsite, no-red-tape approach makes all the difference.

First Responders

Working At Every Stage Of This Unique Career Lifecycle

From the intense muscle strain that the training phase puts on even the most physically fit employees to the unpredictability of active duty and all the way to the more sedentary challenges of the leadership phase, First Responders often carry unresolved injuries with them as they progress through their careers.

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