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Duro brings rapid, onsite treatment together with Injury Trending Metrics™ and leadership-to-leadership communications to improve worker lives and support the success of the business. Here’s how we do it.

The Problem

Most companies require employees to wade through extensive paperwork before receiving care, slowing the process, raising costs, and damaging overall productivity and profitability.

When time is money, rapid response is a win for everyone.

  • Lost Time (25)
  • Medical Only (75)

Percentage of Claims

Nationally, "lost time" claims account for only 25% of claims filed, with the balance being claims for medical costs only.

  • Lost Time (95)
  • Medical Only (5)

Percentage of Costs

However, those "lost time" claims represent 95% of the country's annual worker's compensation costs.

Understanding Workplace Injuries

Direct medical costs only represent 28% of costs associated with workplace injuries.

  • Lost Wages & Productivity (46)
  • Medical Expenses (28)
  • Admin Expenses (18)
  • Employers' Uninsured Costs (6)
  • Other (5)

Medical expenses are just one piece of the puzzle. To understand the full impact on businesses, you have to factor in lost wages and productivity, administrative overhead and other costs.

What Injuries Mean For Your Bottom Line


Direct Costs

The average work-related back injury costs more than $10,000, which may seem reasonable. But what does that really mean for your bottom line?


Indirect Costs

Administrative overhead, legal fees, staffing adjustments, lost expertise, and other indirect costs can take anywhere from another $30k - $100k out of your bottom line. That stings.


Revenue to Recover

Based on a 10% profit margin, that means it can take as much as $1,000,000 in added revenue to recover the hit to your bottom line.

Our Response

We're different from the ground up.

Instead of having your employees wade through red tape before being seen, we take care of all the paperwork and begin treatment immediately, often less than 24 hours after the injury.

We collect data on everything, developing Injury Trending Metrics™ that tell you why injuries are happening and that give us reliable data on how effective our treatments are. It’s a commitment to informed, continuous improvement that runs through everything we do.

Then we bring it all together through our leadership-to-leadership communications, designed to ensure that actionable intelligence for reducing workplace injury, improving employee health, and increasing business profitability gets to the right people at the right time.

The Duro Way

Our system is simple, powerful, infinitely scalable, and proven to work.

By shortening the gap between injury and treatment, we minimize the number of days of lost work and the amount of wages lost.

  • Other (21)
  • Duro (1)

Days between injury and start of treatment

  • Other (56)
  • Duro (11)

Average # Lost Work Days

  • Other (150)
  • Duro (26)

Lost wages (x $10,000)

Heal the Employee. Close the Claim.

Instead of resisting workers comp claims, Duro helps companies resolve them rapidly. The faster claims are resolved, the healthier your workforce and lower your costs. Win. Win.


Average total costs of a claim closed within 30 days of injury.


Average total costs of a claim closed within a year of injury.


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